Monday, October 18, 2010

Life as we know it.

This is a pretty monumental moment, my first blog entry. I would like to make a  shout out to my sister Rachel: I apologize for mocking your blog endeavors...I am taking a bite of humble pie as I type this. I must admit I was skeptical of this whole thing but Facebook isn't really cutting it for me. So in order to share my life and stay connected with those I love, I have found my solution. Please forgive me for my grammatical errors I am a nursing student, not an english major. I can insert a catheter no problem but this is more intimidating than I expected. This is an exciting time in my life and I want to be able to share it all and document it as my new life begins with the love of my life, Christopher. I thought I would start by sharing a piece of our life and what we do. How can I best describe it? Skype. Airplanes. Holidays. That's what we live for. Christopher is in his last year at Notre Dame and I graduate this June with my nursing degree. I recently went to one of his football games and documented the trip to show a tiny piece of our lives. This should be fun.

Love, Sarah
p.s This post only took about 3 hours. So please savor each and every word and photo.

"Oh my gosh. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow."
Notre Dame vs. Pitt
Locker Room
Game Day


"Oh please don't go!" How funny is this face?


  1. Yeah for getting your blog started! I love blogging ;)


    First bite of humble pie: blogging.

    Next bite: fluffy hair, claw clips, Mary Kay lipstick.

    After that: Yelling at your children, even if you are imagining that "Jesus is in the room watching".

    Aww Sarah, I knew you would grow up to be like your big sister after all.
    I'm just sad I'm not the first comment!!

    Congrats and welcome, you're going to like it (and I will too!)


  3. SARAH! I'm so glad you started a blog. You need to post now about your guys' wedding plans! I miss you!

  4. Sarah! I am so happy that you started a blog too. This is seriously the only way I feel connected to Rachel and now you. I have started one to but have yet to post the actual blog truth be told I have been trying to set it up for about two months. ANYWAYS...I am so happy for you and Christopher and I can't wait for your next blog!


  5. O.K. leave Mom out of the blog loop. I had to find your info in the "comment" section of Rae's blog! Your grammar was just fine - paid a lot of money for that grammar:) I love to keep up on your lives...remember to take lots of pictures too.
    Love Mom

  6. First off: it's "English major" not "english major."

    Secondly, well done. Maybe you and Rae can guilt Ali into blogging now.

    We're looking forward to staying abreast (use that word whenever you can) of your life.

    Carry on I say! Carry on!

  7. k- part of blogging is actually BLOGGING. next post please.

  8. I'm with Rachel... I have nothing to do during boring lectures... so post another blog!!!!