Thursday, November 4, 2010

Orbit gum and a Safeway parking lot

Tomorrow is a very special day for Christopher and I.Five years ago we kissed. Little did we know that at sixteen and seventeen years old, it would be the beginning of our life together.The night began hanging out at a friend's house enjoying an Italian feast called Bonyacalda slathered in garlic and anchovies( this is where the Orbit gum comes in handy). Setting the stage for a romantic evening right? After we finished Christopher asked if he could drive me home instead of my friend. I politely declined but she insisted I ride with him so I nervously agreed to it and hopped in the car with the most handsome, rootbeer eyed boy you ever saw. For whatever reason we stopped in the Safeway parking lot and ran into the store. 

Afterwards Christopher came to my side of his truck and was giving me the "I really want to kiss you look" and obviously I was a little self-conscious about my breath and asked him for a piece of gum. Well Mr. Smooth Operator happened to have a piece of original flavored Orbit gum in his mouth and looked at me with an "am I really going to do this face" and said, " you can have a piece of this gum" both he and I knew it was the oldest line in the book but it worked and I just couldn't resist that particular piece of gum. 
We got back into the truck to and now nervously awaited the goodbye kiss. This moment was interrupted by Mrs. Alexis Hansen ( owner of the "Mom Radar Award" that she so proudly wears). She just happened to be waiting for me, so Christopher was able to say goodnight to both "Mrs. Hansen" and myself all at the same time. I will never forget that night. It was perfect. Hollywood most definitely would not put this into a romantic first kiss script anytime soon but that's what is so great about it. No one else has the same story. It's ours. Five years later my heart still stops everytime we kiss. 

I love you Christopher Albert. Happy Anniversary ( I know you are officially embarrassed and might be harassed in the locker room should a member of the team run across this but please forgive me I can't help how cute you are).